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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Banana Brazil

Another fabulous lunch today...a working lunch and paid for by the host. I had the lunch buffet [$11.95] without the churrascuría but a parch for my drink. The food was just as good as last time with several differences in the offerings. All were delicious and many contained meat. Will definitely go back again [and again and again].

Visited Banana Brazil today for what I said would be a light lunch but ended up eating more than expected. That is because everything is delicious. I shunned the Buffet [all you can eat] option but ended up spending just about as much as I would have. The prices are terrific. Will have to go back and write out the different menu schedules [per pound, buffet, with/without rotisserie meat]. 

This is a clean, friendly restaurant with lots of space to eat from the long buffet. If you can't finish what you put on the plate then take it home. Or just drop in and get some already cooked delicious food to take home.

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blognote: Parking on street in front of restaurant and across the street.

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