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Friday, August 26, 2016

The Blue Oar

Went back to the Blue Oar again today and had the same thing as last time. Still as delicious and the same price! This time the roll was toasted and I added a side of coleslaw [$2.50] which came out as potato salad but it was so good I was pleased with the mistake. It rained a drop or two but no damage...especially with the Sauvignon Blanc we took with us.

Gorgeous day for a drive to the river, so had lunch at the Blue Oar. Not too far if you take the right route which I did this time. 

Had a Crab Cake Sandwich [$9.95] with lots of crab and not too much cake. Came on a hard roll [should have had it toasted] with lettuce, tomato, pickle and a little cup of red pepper aioli sauce. Very good!

Friday, August 19, 2016

REPUBLIC at the Linden

Had a super introduction to the Republic at the Linden in Hartford last night after Creative Cocktail Hour at Real Art Ways.

Started with a half dozen Rhode Island Matunuck Oysters [$2.98 each] very fresh and beautifully presented. The constant for  the evening was the presentation which fit in so well with the decor of this amazing site.

Then on to three apps: Beet and Quinoa Salad [$8] which was enlivened with some great garden arugula; Burrata and Figs [$12] the smoothest burrata yet and for the killer a side of the very best Brussel Sprouts and Bacon [$9] in the City of Hartford. To keep it going down I had a glass [or two] of Sea Glass Sauvignon Blanc [$8].

Skipped dessert. That slab of chocolate cake for two [$14] could feed a table of four. We did have coffee [$2.75], however they could do a much better job of that.

Fickle as I am, I will definitely be back as the menu has so many [too many] items that I have to have.

blognote: Justin, our server, was seriously competent but so amiable that we felt like family. I love Hartford!!!

Friday, August 12, 2016

August 2016 UPDATE!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Rockin Chicken

Second visit and this one really rocked at Rockin Chicken. My lunch partner is a vegetarian so I got to try some new items. We had the Causa [without either the tuna or chicken] [$8.49] which was the best play on mashed potatoes ever and with one or more of the delicious even better. Also had the Ocopa [$8.49] instead of the Papa Huancaína. This has a different sauce but just as delicious. We shared the two items but they were very artistically plated separately [nice touch]. There are several other vegetarian options: Papa Huancaína, Papas Fritas [the best] and Vegetable Fried Rice [Chaufa].

I had my favorite glass of Maricuya [$3] which I know as parcha. So fresh! For dessert we shared [her one bite and my big portion] a Crema Volteado [$3] which is the best combination of flans. Great service as usual!


What I look for in a new neighborhood restaurant is quality food, good prices, friendly people and cleanliness. I found that today at Rockin Chicken in Hartford; a new Peruvian restaurant.

Passion Fruit drink [which I know as parcha was $3] as fresh as could be started my meal of Mostrito: a quarter rotisserie chicken with vegetable fried rice and french fries [9.99]. I asked for fried ripe plantain instead  of the fries but the chef wanted me to try the fries so there was no extra charge. I now see the reason why and it was because these are the best fries ever o f freshly cut potatoes. There are three different sauces and they are all good with varying degrees of 'calor'.

bloginfo: no website running yet but on FaceBook 
blognote: parking in front of restaurant or on street

Saturday, August 06, 2016

King and Thai Restaurant

How many times have I driven by this restaurant and said that I have to visit it. Well I finally did!. The King and  I Thai restaurant is set back from the street on upper Park Street in a little house. That's where the little ends...the flavor is big.

I had the best Pad Se Ew ever [including Bangkok] this time with beef and Chinese broccoli [$9.95] The noodles are big and rustic holding the flavor which is just sublime. Will visit again and again.

blognote: BYOB

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Carbone's Ristorante

After this afternoon's fun matinée of Theater Works' 'Midsummer' (a play with songs), we went to Carbone's Ristorante  for their Taste of Hartford menu [$20.16]. The restaurant was a good choice and the menu had several good choices. The food was excellent! The service was excellent and our need for special seating was handled very appropriately.

I started with the Summer Caprese Salad of native tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, evoo and a balsamic reduction. Then proceeded the main course of Shrimp Scampi with four large sauted shrimp, white wine lemon caper sauce over fresh linguini. The wine special was a bottle of fine Pinot Grigio [$20.16].

Dessert was a terrific Torta di Angelo of chocolate hazelnut ganache, chocolate mousse, raspberry and chocolate sauce.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Blue Lobster Seafood

Well, dinner at Blue Lobster Seafood made me blue last night! On a monthly neighbor get together we started at a restaurant not far from home but there was a 45 minute wait. Always having had a good meal at Blue Lobster, we headed there instead.

Should have listened more carefully with the convo between customers in booth behind us and the server; they got comped on part of their order. It might have been the fried oysters and might not have been but mine definitely had seen a better day!

The fried Oyster dinner [$19.99] looked delicious on arrival. Everything was hot and ready to enjoy. The fries were great and the coleslaw was the same as usual but the oysters just didn't make the grade. I left half the order uneaten [yes, me!] and when asked if I wanted to take the rest my reply was 'no, I didn't enjoy them'.

The service was fine if a bit lonely so where were the people in charge? Of course, the poor soul outside in the lobster outfit was doing their job. Try again?