an egg is an egg...meditating at the Museo Miró in Barcelona

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Blue Plate Kitchen

Visited BPK for WeHa Restaurant Week and had a nice meal. Started with an appetizer of 'Israeli Salad' which was like a Greek Salad. The other two apps at the table were the Matzo Ball Soup which was declared good and the Dumplings which were excellent with a super dip. We all had the same main which was BBQ Brisket with carmelized onions, coleslaw and a popover. The meat was very tender, delicious and a bit fatty. YUM!

Desserts were Apple Crisp Sundae [me] or Double Brownie Sundae. I won that one as it was delightfully light with real whipped cream.

blognote: Excellent service included the bar manager's help with choice of new wine.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Café Luna

New restaurant in Cromwell where Franco's was years ago. Many happy family memories of pasta dinners there. The place has undergone a very nice redo and was inviting.

No Happy Hour so I tried out their appetizer menu with the Steakhouse Bruschetta and a glass of wine. As an appetizer it was appetizing. The bruschetta was well constructed and very tasty with an excellent coating of cheese. The underlying 'salad' was okay but was confused by the delicious dip/salad dressing in the middle. There was no need of anything extra on the bruschetta as it was complete in itself and the dip was too thick to be a dressing for the mixed greens below. I did use it on the greens and it was a garlicy goodness. The house Cabernet Sauvignon was very good with a healthy pour. Entrées seemed a little pricey but will be back to try it out.

bloginfo: There is no website yet as the place is quite new. The place next door which used to be part of Franco's is a separate business. Will blog that later.
blognote: plenty of parking out front

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

V's Trattoria

It's been a few months since I last visited V's Trattoria but it was a welcome meal to be back. We were across the street at Hartford Stage at a Technical Rehearsal for 'The Engagement Party' which seems like it will be a super play. We started, of course with their great bread, and then split a Pesca Salad. This was just as good as we had remembered and the pear was perfectly. A glass of Sauvigon Blanc Marlborough helped this all along. Then the pizza got waylaid by a group of corporate networkers who were having an after-work get together. They also had pizza on their menu. A half hour later our Spinach, Potato and Sausage pie arrived and it was delicious. Worth the wait...maybe!

August 28, 2018

As you can see, I haven't been here for a while and missed it. So when four of us were volunteering in the food kitchen next door we dropped in after. Since it was a Sunday, the small plates were only $6 each. We each had a salad [Panzanella for me} and then the entire list of six available plates: Homemade Burrata with Fig, Sausage and Peppers, Shrimp, Fried Artichokes, Meatballs, Ahi Tuna. All were delicious!

November 16, 2017

Here again on a Thursday night but too late for our oyster fest [only 6 left so we each got 3]. Awarded an amuse bouche [just put your V's card on the table]. Had the Panzanella salad and it was excellent. Ordered Calamari and good but I am getting to not like the cherry peppers fried into the order. Primavera Pizza ended up being dessert.

September 21, 2017

It's Thursday evening and I'm bored at my present gathering and I'm hungry. So I ended up at V's Trattoria again and it's Buck-a-Shuck! Yes!

We each ordered a dozen Blue Point oysters [$12] and a nice pour of Sauvignon Blanc [$12]. Followed this with the Pesca Salad [$9] with the grilled peaches and it was just the right ending to a successful evening meal. NOT! Got creative with a 'Craft Your Own' and split a small pizza with sausage, spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms [$18] and it was super. However, most of it took the ride home to be part of a meal on another day.

blognote: Got to talk with Rob the owner. Great service by Ian and will ask for him next time in.

Saturday, January 05, 2019

ANGRY TOFU Korean Cuisine

Finally got back here and so glad I did. This will now be my go-to Korean restaurant. Had the Bibimbap [labeled Rice Bowl on the menu] and it was so good. Service was excellent and the Korean beer HITE was great with my meal.

March 13, 2017

I was asked about this restaurant today and have heard good things about it so will eat there soon. As far as I can see they still do not have a website but do have a Face Book page.

September 29, 2015
This is not a fair review. I have been waiting for this restaurant, ANGRY TOFU, to open for months now. It is at 1030 Silas Deane Highway. This was the original site of a Filipino restaurant, then Phuket before its sister place and then Mint Thai. There have been several places to eat here but not all have been successful.

It was the Grand Opening and the many visitors were Korean. This is much too early to write about a restaurant so I will redeem myself by going back with a group. Having guests this evening caused me to order just an appetizer for an afternoon snack. Perusing the menu I found the prices quite high even the lunch specials.

This is the Fried Tofu appetizer [$7.99]. The coating was light and tasty as was the sauce. The tofu was creamy. There were only eight pieces.

bloginfo: There is no website yet.
blognote: Without more help [especially Korean speakers] the dining room might become hectic.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

el Pollo Guapo

Tried the new site behind the UConn Bookstore in the entertainment district on Front Street [in the old Qdoba location] the other night. Went to a movie at the Wadsworth Atheneum and parked right in front on a Sunday night with free parking. We were able to walk to the restaurant down the hill without finding another parking space. This place is a little spare but the food is just as good.  I don't like high-top tables but there were a few four-top regular ones. Tried a different bowl but partner tried my favorite 'Almost Legal'. I thing I will go back to that but the crispy Brussel sprouts were amazing. Choices...choices!

June 5, 2018

Had to go back and get some more good Span-ish food but ended up getting the same Almost Legal Rice Bowl. No I am not addicted but...

My son from Boston got the half chicken so we opted for a bunch of sides. My favorite is the roasted corn.

May 5, 2018

Finally got to the 'new' place after eating so many times off the Span-ish truck!  El Pollo Guapo is the place to visit to pick up some great food or even eat outside on the picnic table. 

I was here for a small group blogger event on Cinco de Mayo and we did well sitting there under the umbrella. We had some great dip and chips with our Margaritas. The highlight of the day was the Chicken Bowl...rico!!!

smashed avocado and chips
'barely legal' Chicken Bowl


Why did I wait entire year to revisit this wonderful place? Had the same New Year's Eve meal and it was even better than last year. The Kabeli Palow is super! The only difference this year was the eggplant for my choice instead of the pumpkin. I shared some of my neighbors' pumpkin and spinach and I think the eggplant is the winner. We shared a chocolate lava cake and an ice cream dessert and they both were good. The service here is excellent. There was quite a crowd this year but we ate later [after a movie]. Get reservations!

December 31, 2017
Had my New Year's Eve meal at Shish Kebab House and ended the year on a culinary high note.

Started with an order of Samosas [$5] for five delicious tastes; one for each at the table. I ordered the Kabeli Palow [$19] on the recommendation of a table mate and she did not steer me wrong. The choice of pumpkin purée was perfect. The lamb was tender and the rice tasty. Shared a side order of spinach [$6] and shared a table sized side  yoghurt salad [$7]. The kabeli palow with chicken shish kebab look great also.  What a great way to end the year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018


New menu and there are so many choices. I tried the Lamb Melt and it was a super meal. The side Greek salad needed a little more dressing to live up to the fresh dish of lettuce and tomatoes amped up with olives, onions and a chunk of good feta cheese. The melt was delicious with perfectly cooked meat including cheese and tomatoes. Their pita is always the freshest and crunchy/crispy. The accompanying container of tzatziki sauce was creamy and garlicy and the salted and peppered french fries are best. What a way to fill the day!

December 30, 2017

Had a Lamb Gyro with the best fries and tried a small order of Felafel. I am really trying to like felafel but it is always a little too dry for me even with the cup of tzatziki sauce. By the time I get finished introducing my guest to this place I should become Greek ambassador to Cromwell.

December 18, 2017

Went back again and again. First for Champion's Crepe with lamb gyro meat and now for a Lamb Gyro grinder. Both were delicious and addictive.

Reblogging this from August 29, 2015 as they seem to be doing a great business.

Suggestion: Get to Ambrosia on Main Street in Cromwell, CT before it gets so popular the line is out the door! I had the Gyro Wrap [$7.50] made from pork chops broiled on a döner machine. This is served in the authentic Greek street food fashion with fries inside the pita. The tzatziki sauce was one of the best yet. 

Anyone who reads this blog knows my penchant for street food. My two favorites are currywurst and döner kebab done with lamb. I just have to add this to the mix and not even have to travel but a mile or so. The Greek coffee frappe was out of this world.

bloginfo: Website now functioning!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Jefferson Fry Co.

Now here's a niche market that really appeals to me. French Fry Heaven! There are five kinds of fries and twelve toppings to choose from. I had the straight fries with a pesto mayo and grated parmesan topping. It was super and the medium size order is plenty for a good lunch. Also tried the burger with a few additions but there piece de resistance [don't know how to say that in Gaelic] is the fries.


Back again! Same good prices and excellent food. We both had the Pernil Mofongo Bowl. I could eat this every day.

November 25, 2017

Visited here again today with two restaurant buddies. Tried the Mofongo Bowl con Camarones [Shrimp #13.59] with Chicharon and two side orders of Maduros [3 pieces for $1]. What a delight! I am now high on garlic! The Goya Mango nectar [$1.50] helped a little.

April 27, 2017
OMG! A restaurant named for me! This just opened eatery, Mofongo, in New Britain is raring to go. From the line at today's lunch it is well onto its road to culinary fame. Had lunch there today and had to have the Mofongo Bowl  with Pernil [$7.99]. My host had the Chicken and it was just as good but who could pass up pernil! The mofongo base is perfect, the pernil was juicy and delicious and the added chicharon crumbles on top made it perfect. The added salsa helped also. So, as you can readily see, I will be back and stand in line without a single complaint. Can't wait to try the Breakfast Chorizo Hash Bowl.

Plenty of space to eat in this well lit, very clean and friendly atmosphere. My new home away from home. I do miss Bebo's in San Juan!!!

blognote: parking sucks...there are some metered spaces in front that you have to back into
bloginfo: check out my website 


Another excellent brunch today with the famous Bloody Mary Bar. Had the Clam Chowder and the Lobster Scramble. Both were wonderful. Great service.

August 20, 2018

Lunch on the terrace on a beautiful sunny day. Visitor from Florida so started with a cup of New England Clam Chowder which was superb. She wanted Cod and when I asked why she said she missed all her favorite cold water fish! The plate looked a bit pale with the broiled cod, mashed potatoes [her choice] and a grilled lemon. Needed a bit of parsley or something green to color up the plate. I had the Scallop lunch special. Six small scallops nicely broiled on top of a summer succotash and a watermelon salad. Very tasty this was! Finished with her Creme Brulée [little too brulée for my taste] and an icy scoop of Peach Sorbet with Lavender. Nice service!

August 9, 2017

Another great meal at Max Fish today. I was feted by a lovely lady and it turned out to be a delightful afternoon. Amuse Bouche of Smoked Salmon Bruschetta was very tasty. She ordered eight oysters [4 pairs] and I had a tasting lesson on the difference between East and West Coast oysters. Thought I preferred West Coast but decided I liked the Rhode Island best.

For the lunch I ordered a cup of the soup of the day: Corn and Jalapeño Bisque and it was very good. Accompanied this with the Grilled Octopus and this blew me away; the best grilled octopus yet! Finished with a naughty three scoop dish of Creasmsicle Gelato [and cookie].

July 9, 2017

Wonderful Brunch today at Max Fish to send off a family member back home to Tampa. There are no pictures of the food as everything was so good it got attacked at it reached the table. As much as I would like to share the pictures with you...just go there and see for yourself! From the pomegranate shooters and beignets to start to the fabulous desserts we were all in heaven.

Three of us made good use of the Bloody Mary Bar [$10 for the first, $3 for the next one]. Mine was perfect with the added Spanish anchovies and the Shrimp was great. I had the best Steak and Eggs [$18] ever with perfectly cooked steak and super poached eggs and can't forget that gravy. Ended with a cup of strong coffee and a dish of strawberry/rhubarb sorbet [$7].

Others dined very happily on Crab Benedict [$16], Cobb Salad with Chicken [15]. The Fish Special [$16] was Haddock with Achiote Rice and Vegetable Hash. Desserts also included a magnificently rich S'mores plate [$8], Tiramisu Gelato [$7] and a Key Lime Tart [$8]. What a meal, what a family!