an egg is an egg...meditating at the Museo Miró in Barcelona

Friday, May 12, 2017


Here again a week later for lunch.Visited the Mill Museum down the road for a fabulous exhibit 'The Timeless Art of Dyllis: Forty Years of Creative Clothing'. Then a stop for lunch and the dining room was empty at 1pm; where were all the people missing out on good food?

Started off with the Herbed Olives [$6] and a Loaf of fresh, warm Bread with olive oil [$5]. Asked for salt and pepper for the oil and got it presented so nicely.

I have been wanting to order the Cobb Salad [$14] here for a while so did just that. What a beautiful melange of delicious greens, bacon and perfectly cooked egg. The chicken was plentiful, warm and juicy.

Had the same dessert as last time but couldn't resist the Lemon Olive Oil cake [$9] with a good portion of rhubarb hiding under the luscious sabayon.

April 30, 2017
Honestly the best food I have eaten in this last year! Cafémantic rules! Had a early dinner there last night and I am still thinking about the food. Aside from a Negroni I usually do not have a mixed drink before dinner but tried the Rhubarb Mojito [$9] and it was superb with its Caña Brava rum.

I had a dining partner so we were able to taste several offerings and they were all super. Started with the Whipped Ricotta [$9] with a generous pile of toasted country bread and the Boquerones [$6] those little white Spanish anchovies. 

Then onto to her Forest Mushroom Ragout [$12] looked little but tasted big and an order of Spinach [$8] that was local and perfectly fresh.

My dealing with the meal was the Lamb Meatballs [$8] three large delectable mint brushed feta garnished wonders along with the Grilled Asparagus [$9] with a duck egg on top sitting on top ready to coat these babies with goodness.

And then there was dessert! Yes, but we had to try it to complete this culinary experiment and were so glad we did. This was the Olive Oil Lemon Cake [$9] so moist and luscious and a gorgeous ending to a superb meal!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

0 Degree Ice Cream

Just heard about the opening of this new addition to eating at 312 Main Street in good old Middletown, O Degree Ice Cream. Thai ice cream formed on a frozen plate and beaten into sheets from your chosen materials and then rolled into rose shapes. I had 'I love you a latte' which consisted of coffee and condensed milk. Then I added two of the many toppings: mochi and walnuts. Great concept and you end up with a corsage of deliciousness [$7]. There are ten different motifs and many are based in chocolate. Will have to return.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Stopped into bartaco last night for an after theater snack and it turned out to be a meal. Got a nice table for two right away however when we left there was a line to get in...and I can see why!

Started with an excellent large Guacamole [$9] and a Margarita each [$9.75] one Pomegranate and my Mango...super. Then with the excellent help of our server, Nakita, we figured out how to order. This seemed complicated at first but you can see how easy it got! Shared an order of Fried Plantains [$4] perfect ripeness, great cheese dip and suave. She ordered a Baja Fish Taco [$2.50], Taco Pastor [$2.50] and a Pork Tamal [$5]. I had the Tuna Poke [$8] which rivaled a lot of poke I have had in Hawaii. Followed this with a Chorizo Taco [$2.50] and a Pork Belly Taco [$3.50] which is a bargain for the amount of tantalizing filling.

Next time [and there will be a next time] it will be a small guac, plantains and a slew of $2.50 tacos also maybe two margaritas!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Borinquen Bakery

After a great meal at MOFONGO we had dessert at Borinquen Bakery a little across town. This was a party supply store and then a restaurant supply store back in my New Britain working days.

I had the Palmera and she had the Guava/Cheese Pastalillo [$1.25 each]. Both were good and the coffee [$1.25 small] was strong and sweet. Great way to end the day!

blognote: good parking in the lot just before the building


OMG! A restaurant named for me! This just opened eatery, Mofongo, in New Britain is raring to go. From the line at today's lunch it is well onto its road to culinary fame. Had lunch there today and had to have the Mofongo Bowl  with Pernil [$7.99]. My host had the Chicken and it was just as good but who could pass up pernil! The mofongo base is perfect, the pernil was juicy and delicious and the added chicharon crumbles on top made it perfect. The added salsa helped also. So, as you can readily see, I will be back and stand in line without a single complaint. Can't wait to try the Breakfast Chorizo Hash Bowl.

Plenty of space to eat in this well lit, very clean and friendly atmosphere. My new home away from home. I do miss Bebo's in San Juan!!!

blognote: parking sucks...there are some metered spaces in front that you have to back into
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Saturday, April 22, 2017


Have been here in between these two dates but haven't blogged anything. So went last night for a very successful after two gallery openings and then started to blog this morning. Had exactly the same thing and it was even better than ever. Maybe it was the company! Started with a small order of Yaki-Gyoza [$5.95] which was delicious.


What's with all the Korean food all of a sudden. It is just a coincidence as we had planned to go elsewhere today and ended up at Ichiban. Two of us ordered the same thing, isn't that a no-no. It was the standard Stone Pot Bibim-bap [$14.95] which I have not had for a long time. Started with a good miso soup with tofu. There were various dishes of differing degrees of success with the kimchi being the winner. The bibim-bap came in a stone pot [as described] rice sizzling and covered with yummy vegetables and a raw egg on top to mix into the mix. After adding the whole dish of gojuchang sauce, it was a delicious spicy mess.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Chief Brody's Bahn Mi

Went to KNOW GOOD Market's first gathering this year on Bartholomew Street. The first truck I saw was the Chief Brody's Banh Mi Truck so I quickly got into line. What a good move that was! The line got longer and longer but was worth the wait. I had the Pork Belly [meat choice of the night $8] loaded [+$3] Banh Mi sandwich. There was also a Bahn Mi Bowl that looked time!

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Friday, April 07, 2017


On my way home from somewhere that I didn't get to...stopped at Edo Ichi for some sushi takeout. Turned out to be a good decision as I had been wanting to stop here for a while. The menu is huge but I had an idea of what I wanted: Eel Avocado Roll and a Spicy Tuna Roll [both @5.50]. This was really not very innovative but it hit the spot.

The sushi was good and fresh but presentation at the bar looked a lot better. Loved the eel!

Next time I will look more carefully at the menu. I thought that this was just a takeout place but it is a full fledged sushi and hibachi steakhouse. It is on the lower level so parking in the back takes you right into there. I parked in front and ended up walking down steep steps to enter into the bar.