an egg is an egg...meditating at the Museo Miró in Barcelona

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Carbone's Prime

Newly opened I visited the bar to scope out the place. Nice atmosphere with a real steakhouse vibe with dark wood and deep colors. Service was great but kitchen was a little slow as it might just opening the dining room. I have been to Carbone's in Hartford and loved through the years and still do. The new place in Bloomfield has never got my attention or love but Carbone's Prime will be somewhere I frequent.

Tried the Polpette [$13] which sounds a little high for a meatball but this is a 7oz ball stuffed with mozzarella, mortadella and hot capicola smothered in a good red sauce accompanied by a piece of grilled garlic bread! Thought I needed a side so ordered the broccoli rabe with garlic [$7]. The bread at the table before and during the meal is quite good and the herbed butter is delicious and at the correct temperature to be smeared lovingly on the bread. Hate frozen butter! I don't usually order Chianti but got a good pour [$9]. All in all, a very good meal for the price of some great appetizers. 

bloginfo: website not up to date yet

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Chinese Food in China...

Will be posting some pictures of the food from my 80th birthday trip to China: Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai. Some unexpected treasures!

soup noodles in the market

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

MAX Burger

Back from China and it's Hallowe'en night and I have a craving for a burger!

Bacon Onion Smash Burger with Eggplant Fries [$14.90] and it is the best! The meat was cooked perfectly medium rare and everything was so fresh. The 'baconaise' was a treat and the fries were crispy. This was paired with a blood orange cider [$6.50] that just hit the spot.

bloginfo: free parking in the lot if there is space [and there was]

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Corner Pug

Shepherd's Pie [$11.75] (beef not lamb) filled with meat, peas and corn with a beautiful mashed potato crust today for lunch at The Corner Pub. Had a Smithwicks [$7 large] (don't remember ordering the large!) to accompany the meal and it did a good job. Split the lemon tart [$6] made in house with a ginger snap crust and delicious.

blognote: went for the OktoberFest menu and were lectured on it only being available for dinner and we should have read the menu on the website

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Captain Scott's Lobster Dock

Lunch here today at Scott's Lobster Dock in New London. 

Nice view from the deck of many fishing and pleasure boats. Not too many people here for late lunch so the service was quite speedy. I had a hot lobster roll with coleslaw [$14.50] 6 clam fritters [$5] Hosmer tangerine seltzer [$2]. 

The lobster was fresh and sweet. A little difficult to find but the search was worth it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Cromwell Pizza and Pasta

Dashed out for a quick supper at Cromwell Pizza in town. The place was quite crowded for a Tuesday night so we had a bit of a wait but it was worth it. I ordered the *NEW* – KATIE’S FAVORITE PANINI [$8.75] – Grilled chicken, provolone, roasted red peppers with pesto & mayo. But they were out of provolone! Subbed mozzarella and it was very good.

The other guest has a small Garden Salad [$4.20] and a Sausage and Meatball Sub [$8.50].

Thursday, September 21, 2017

V's Trattoria

It's Thursday evening and I'm bored at my present gathering and I'm hungry. So I ended up at V's Trattoria again and it's Buck-a-Shuck! Yes!

We each ordered a dozen Blue Point oysters [$12] and a nice pour of Sauvignon Blanc [$12]. Followed this with the Pesca Salad [$9] with the grilled peaches and it was just the right ending to a successful evening meal. NOT! Got creative with a 'Craft Your Own' and split a small pizza with sausage, spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms [$18] and it was super. However, most of it took the ride home to be part of a meal on another day.

blognote: Got to talk with Rob the owner. Great service by Ian and will ask for him next time in.