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Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Another after theater adventure to Millwrights to eat in the 1680 Tavern. We had reservations for their opening time of 5pm and the place really filled up in the next half-hour.

I had the Tavern Burger which was one of the best burgers yet. This beauty had bearnaise sauce, caramelized shallots, pickles and terrific fries [$14]. We also were 'talked into' an order Johnny Cake biscuits [5 for $7] with honey sesame  butter. They were delicious but we probably should have abstained and had some dessert instead. Sundays are half-price on bottles of wine. So we ordered a 2013 Weingut Friedrich Becker Estate, Pfalz, Germany [$50 but $25] and it was perfect with the meal.

blognote: several tables of families with children at this time 

Polish National Home

Ate here again today on a secret mission. I was ready for the Kielbasa sandwich as it was a dreary day but there was a Corned Beef sandwich [$8.99] on the menu. This was calling my Irish name since I hadn't gotten any corned beef for the past St. Patrick's Day. This was delicious with cabbage and mustard in between the huge slices of succulent meat on rye bread and those dilled potatoes. I added the Hussar Ale that I do love. What a great place!

January 21, 2018

The movie was over and we were in the neighborhood so called and inquired if there was still dinner at the Polish National Home on Sunday afternoon. Yes, if you come right over. We did and loved it. Haven't been there for a while but what a delight.

Ordered the Polish Plate Deluxe Polish Plate Deluxe – kielbasa, pierogi, bigos, gołąbki, dill potatoes. Everything was fresh and the cheese and potato pierogi  were tender and creamy. What a feast! Plan to go back soon.

blognote: super easy parking and great service

Sunday, February 25, 2018


NOODIES is located in the corner of a strip mall and a little difficult to find the first time. Our meal there was enjoyable. We started with an order of fried dumplings which had a great sauce. The orders come out quite fast. We then had a Ramen noodle dish and my Pho. The chicken was tender with lots of small pieces but there wasn't the usual array of trimmings. We ordered Kirin and Asahi beers from the small selection available.

bloginfo: They do not have a website yet.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Georgina's Italian Restaurant

Haven't been back to Georgina's Restaurant for a while so tried lunch today. The salad was large and the house made creamy Italian dressing was plentiful. The garlic bread was the same delicious slabs of buttery goodness. My guest had the Chicken Marsala over a bed of spaghetti and she enjoyed it and took lots home. My veal/eggplant with ziti was plentiful and very tasty. I, too, had to take a portion of it home for another meal. All in all, it was a good luncheon focusing on the food. 

blognote: Even though I mentioned that it was my guest's 91st birthday and the reason we were there was her request because of past food and hospitality, there was no 'cupcake with a candle' or any other mention of the celebration. They did yell Happy Birthday as we exited. It would have made her day a little more special and brought me back!

April 15, 2008

Ate here previously [see 12/27/06 'Christmas at Bolton Notch' review] for lunch.
This time it was the dinner menu and the portions are 'gigondous' and the food is good.

The Garlic Bread is more like Rome meets Texas Toast but it is good and buttery and garlicy and herby [get the message, I liked it]. The dinner salad was forgettable especially the 'house' creamy Italian dressing. Why do restaurants serve such large pieces of greens?

Two entrées were Chicken Marsala and they looked quite good. I had the Chicken Française; it had a great egg wash with a nice lemon tang in the white wine sauce but mild on the garlic. It was served over about a pound of linguini cooked al dente which is perfect for me. The entrées were $14.95 each which was a bargain. My leftover pasta will feed me for a night or two.

Good service and the waitperson remembered my hosts from a previous visit. This is a nice friendly place to get a real good meal.

bloginfo: Georgina's is located at 275 Boston Turnpike [Routes 6 and 44], Bolton, CT [formerly Fiano's].
Telephone: 647.0345 or click Georgina's for the website.
blognote: My hosts knew George, the owner. He is very affable and truly proud of his restaurant and stopped by the table to see if everything was okay.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Bombay Olive

This seems to be the place I end up after theater matinée. Bombay Olive was our stop again for dinner again.

Order a Kingfisher which was very cold and very good accompaniment to my dinner. Also got an order each of naan and roti but the pappadums came only after we asked for them. We all had some version of lamb: Koubideh Kebab Combo [$18.95] with one ground chicken/one ground lamb kebab then another ordered the Lamb Korma [$14.95] this is my favorite. But I wanted something new so ordered from the Persian menu and had the Lamb Addas Polow [$18.95] with fluffy rice mixed with raisins, dates, lentils and slivered almonds. This was mildly spiced but the meat was medium and not medium rare. Good flavor everywhere. Large plate of naan came with our dinners. The Kebab Combo and my entrée came with a side salad which was dressed interestingly.

Lamb Addas Polow

blognote: since we were a bit early service was a bit slow...the kitchen was not quite ready for us

April 2, 2016

After 'Sex with Strangers' at Theater Works we headed out for some spicy food and ended up at a favorite. Dinner at Bombay Olive is always a treat as the food is great and the service is super. We all had some version of lamb! I ordered the Lamb Biriyani [$14.95] which was delicious and had just the right amount of heat for me [medium]. It came with a side of raita and we had two orders of Naan [$2.95 each] which added to fun of eating Indian food. A bottle of Kingfisher [$2.95] rounded out the meal.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Rudy's Little Italy

Great lunch today. Rudy's Little Italy is the place you might just drive by but don't. Get in there and savor the flavor. We were early and the first ones to arrive for the noon meal. The place soon filled up as the news is out that this is the place to be.

Started the meal with great rolls and a spicy dipping sauce. We had heard about the calamari so ordered it New York style. What a difference from the tired old version. The salad was full of real greens and accompanied with a house-made Italian dressing.

My dining partner doesn't eat red sauce so order the Eggplant Rollatini with 'any version' of a white sauce and she was delighted with the choice. I ordered the Pork Genovese in a pesto cream sauce. Since pesto is one of my favorites I found it heavier on the cream than the pesto. The side of pasta however was nestled in a rosé cream sauce that was super.  Next time something different for my entrée and that won't be difficult because I will be returning soon.

Pork Genoves

blognote: great service and chef Rudy is there to help out with everything

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Trumbull Kitchen

Hartford Restaurant Week was just about to close but we snuck in at the last minute to Trumbull Kitchen. Glad we did!

The menu choices were intriguing but the entrée was no question. We both had the Feijoada with prime skirt steak, slab bacon, black beans and sautéed kale. It was delicious but a much drier presentation than I was used to.

We shared the two most interesting appetizers: House made Merguez Sausage with shakshuka and feta cheese and the Coq au Vin Bites with seared shallots, carrots and burgundy wine.

For dessert we both chose the Blood Orange Pie with a graham cracker crust and lime whipped cream. To go...and deliciously eaten the next night.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

V's Trattoría Chef Dinner

Chef Rob Mafucci led us through an amazing journey last night at his signature restaurant, V's Trattoría in Hartford. This multi-course dinner was surely amazing! Aside from the food, however, the evening was even more memorable because of Rob's personally narrated culinary trip. Eight of us sat front and center watching Chef Rob cook and prepare and present each course. Just like a class where you learn so much and enjoy it even more.

We started with an Antipasto which made all past antipasti go to shame. The slice on the prosciutto was so thin it was nearly see through. The rest of the plate made it seem regal. 

This was followed by the famous Parpardelle Bolognese – Chef Rob’s cutting edge chocolate truffle pasta, Sicilian meat sauce topped with fresh ricotta & citrus gremolade. *As seen on Food Network! This was the battle dish on his 'Beat Bobby Flay' adventure.

Unfortunately [or otherwise] there are no more good pictures of the following offerings. We progressed to a choice of Salmon or Short Ribs and I choose the latter with the promise of being allowed to share the salmon with my dining partner. They were both amazing. The wines for each course were excellently chosen and the match for each course was delicious. Am I having a good time? Need you ask?

After a palate cleanser we proceeded to the dessert of a Panettone Bread Pudding with a Caramel striping and Citrus Cream with a delicious Riesling to help out. It did not need any help but the wine was perfect. 

blognote: this event happens every month...go for it!