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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Willimantic Brewing Company

Interesting lunch today at Willimantic Brewing Company on a cold and sunny day. Parked in a posted spot and then walked 'the wrong way' around the building to the entrance. On the way out we found the way we should have come. Anyway, as one can see, we found our way inside.

The long bar greets you as you enter and we were warmly welcomed into the room. We sat at a hightop as we did not see the regular tables at the end of the room. My elderly companion did fine and got down off the stool without a mishap!

I had the Branford Bratwurst (06405) - [$10.99] Beer Bratwurst | IPA Braised Kraut Horseradish Mustard | Brioche Bun and it was very good but really not warm enough. It came with coleslaw which became the topic of discussion for the entire meal as my dining partner did not like it all. She even mentioned it to our delightful server, Garnet, and told her that someone in the kitchen was lazy and they should have called it Cabbage Salad. I, however, liked it and took her portion home and just ate it with my supper.

She ordered the Beer Tap Beef - [$10.99] Shaved Steak | Melted Swiss with Beer Onions | Brioche Bun which, thankfully, was the perfect solution to lunch. We shared a small order of french fries which were fat and tasty but not hot enough. Half of the brioche bun went home for a toast and tea dinner.

blognote: Parking available in the city lot with spaces for WBC diners.
bloginfo: Menu is PDF and very easy to read...something unusual these days.

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