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Saturday, November 05, 2016

King and I Thai Restaurant

Serendipity calls! I was in Hartford at a Photo Exhibit and got a text from someone who was also in Hartford and hungry. We ambled over to the restaurant and both had great meals. Each one was the Chinese Long Eggplant [$16.95]; hers with salmon and mine with duck, hers with brown rice and mine with jasmine. The crispy duck slices were delicious but hers looked good also. Only my second time here but this is a winner.

September 6. 2016

How many times have I driven by this restaurant and said that I have to visit it. Well I finally did!. The King and  I Thai restaurant is set back from the street on upper Park Street in a little house. That's where the little ends...the flavor is big.

I had the best Pad Se Ew ever [including Bangkok] this time with beef and Chinese broccoli [$9.95] The noodles are big and rustic holding the flavor which is just sublime. Will visit again and again.

blognote: BYOB

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