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Monday, March 14, 2016

Paladars in Cuba

This year's tour of Cuba was not the gastronomic adventure as the three years past. The focus was on photography so here is a bit of food porn. Stayed in La Habana and Trinidad de Cuba. We ate in quite a few paladares as the group was part of a People to People function.

Pulled Lamb at La Bonita Paladar in Havana


Camarones al ajillo [shrimp in garlic] at Santa Barbara Paladar in Havana

Dessert at Santa Barbara Paladar

Chuleta [pork chop] at Vistamar in Havana

Conejo [rabbit] at Villa Lagarto restaurant in Cienfuegos

Welcome drinks at Rubio's Casa Partícular in Trinidad

Farm fresh egg breakfast at Rubio's

Breakfast at Rubio's

Shrimp and rice at La Ceiba Paladar in Trinidad

Vegetable stand in Trinidad

Coffee stop in Trinidad
Lobster and Red Snapper at Paladar Davimart in Trinidad

Dessert at Davimart
blognote: Many of these paladares have ratings of Travel Advisor and other travel sites already!

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