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Thursday, March 17, 2016


Saint Patrick's Day was a glorious sunny day and it needed to be celebrated with a good lunch. This was definitely achieved at the Wethersfield Diner. A party of six with four ordering the Corned Beef dinner [$12.99] which certainly looked delicious with several slabs of lean glistening corned beef. But never one to follow the crowd I ordered Bratwurst and Colcannon with mashed potatoes with bacon and brown gravy [$10.99]. This was a luscious plate of Irish delight!

blognote: There is now a website.


Lunch today at The Wethersfield Diner. I have been driving by here for a few weeks to get some dinner but it has always been closed; it's only open for breakfast and lunch [until 3pm]. It has a good selection of traditional diner food but.........the Polish food!

The Polish Platter [$11.95] was a lunch special consisting of grilled kielbasa, two cheese pierogis, rye bread and kapusta [sauerkraut sautéed with bacon and onion]. The kelly dog was delicious and the kapusta was awesome. This was some of the best Polish I have had [including Warsaw and Krakow].

blognote: the waitstaff and the cooks are hopefully not fighting in the kitchen so maybe the noise was everyone having fun
bloginfo: new owners, newly refurbished, clean, clean, clean but no website yet

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Anonymous said...

Had breakfast sandwich as takeout many times. With bacon. With sausage. With kielbasa. All of them great