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Thursday, February 25, 2016


Found out about this new little eatery while talking to the young lady pushing my stepmothers' wheel chair at BDL airport. She shared this info but hadn't been there and I told her I would beat her there even though it was her birthday. luck would have it, EL POETA DE LOS SANDWICHES is a gem. At the counter I was humming: 'I''m in heaven....' b'cause I thought I was back in Puerto Rico. They serve sandwiches and frappes and each is bigger than the other. One day when I give up on any dietary ideas I might have I will order a Parcha Frappe. But let's talk about today when I had the Bacon, Scrambled Egg and Cheese sandwich [$4.29] which is a toasty, delish creation also offering lettuce, tomato and pickle. Along with that a bag of sweet Plaintain chips [$1.25] and a big bottle of KOLA Champagne [$1.75] and I finished it all!

There is street parking on both sides of Park Street. They are open weekend nights until 4am!!! and you will see me there.

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