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Thursday, March 24, 2016

BPK Blue Plate Kitchen

Had a nice lunch at BPK with a good friend. This was my first venture out to dine since coming home with the Cuba Blues. Stomach seemed to enjoy the real food. Had read the menu online so knew what my limited choices [stomach-wise] would be. Started with a seltzer and lime [$3!!!].

Opted for the Latke & Eggs [$8] two eggs your way [wanted poached but 'we don't do that' so had them scrambled] with a latke [slightly overcooked], toasted English muffin, applesauce and sour cream. Was tasty and for the price a good buy.

For dessert there were many choices but we ordered the Chocolate Cream Pie [$8] that we SPLIT and good we did as there was an abundance of real whipped cream. All in all, a good bit of good but I prefer a bit more sugar in my whipped cream and in the pie crust which was very, very thick. The chocolate was so good and went well with my cup of coffee [$3].

blognote: I would go back and give another chance when I am able to order anything from the menu as there were many items that looked quite good.

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