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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

SIX MAIN Restaurant

And another Prix Fixe dinner tonight [$30]. This time the theme was Farm to Table. Wasn't so successful tonight. Started with Deep-fried Squash Blossoms which were delicious. Then on to the entrée of Tempeh which I try to like but really have decided it's not for me. The dessert was a chocolate type of concoction which was a little too grainy. The glass of Malbec was good. The extra app ordered because I have always wanted to try it - Avocado Fries just doesn't compute - think hot avocado with a coat of cornmeal [$10].


Another Prix Fixe dinner tonight. This time based on Cinnamon: Mulled cider poached apple, frisee, cardamom scented vinaigrette, hazelnuts then Red vegetable curry, black forbidden rice, cinnamon dosa
and to finish Spiced chocolate brownie, fireball ice cream. The bartender paired a Malbec with the meal and it held up quite well with the meal.

In order of preference the dessert was the best, the appetizer next and the entrée last. This doesn't mean I didn't like the curry but the other courses were so good.

October 30, 2013

Exit 6 from Route 9 South to 6 Main Street in Chester for a 6:00 reservation at SIX MAIN Restaurant. Simple, right? Not if you turn right off the ramp and then can't find it on your GPS! Anyway, I have been here before so guess I was thinking too much about the dinner waiting for me.

The three course prix-fixe [$25] vegan dinner was based on beets. There was no wine pairing this week [as advertised for $5] but a Beet-Nik was available [$9] made from Marker's Mark Bourbon, Verna and Tawny Port. This was a very powerful drink even when served over ice and adorned with much mint. It did however hold up very well with the dinner which started with an appetizer of Golden beet borscht with horseradish cream and toasted rye berries that was a creamy delight and a bit of crunch. This was followed by an entrée of Smoked and pickled beets, crispy fried shiitakes [more, more please], celeriac slaw, warm potato salad. The dessert was an extremely delicious Black forest cake with raspberry jam filling and vanilla beet frosting.

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