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Friday, July 04, 2014

'rememberable tastes'

I have always said that I have never had a bad meal at Ruby Tuesday in Cromwell but today was the day that broke that honeymoon. You can read all of my excellent reviews anywhere on this site. The picture below, from last year, was raving about a new menu item.

We three started out on a good note with a bright and cheerful server. From there it went downhill as he continually got lost somewhere in the restaurant. Even the hostess couldn't find him so took the reorder. The two orders of Petite Sirloin, both ordered medium rare, bore no resemblance; one being correct and the other well into the medium range. By the time the reorder came it was too late to eat it. Then getting the check and a box for the remains took so long we had to go looking for him again. The coupon, on my iPhone, was for one meal at half-price but was configured so poorly that we had no idea if we were even getting a discount. The hostess was no help, constantly saying 'Sorry', and then asking if we did want to speak with the manager. We gave up and left and will probably not come back. If there had been more than twenty people in the restaurant there might have been an excuse. BUT a poor wait staff, incompetent kitchen and no managerial expertise evident made for a 4th of July lunch gone awry!

January 11, 2013

fish tacos
Ruby Tuesday

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