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Friday, June 27, 2014

Petit Comitè

I had never heard of Petit Comitè before planning my trip to Spain but it kept coming up on blogs and such internet traffic that I thought I would try it. This was one of the best that I have visited in Europe or anywhere.

Reservations in hand [after waiting until 59 days before the date needed], we found the unassuming entrance on the Passatge de lo Concepció a little passageway off the Passeig de Graciá. This was just a short walk from our Hotel Catalonia Berna. We were greeted and seated with drink orders taken right away. From there on it was heaven. The table had an open kitchen view but was secluded enough for conversation. Service was impeccable. The meal took just over three hours to complete.

Our first course was a Coca de Foie which turned out to be some artist's idea of how intricate you could make a foie gras appetizer. This is the picture on the top of the home page. I had the special salad with fresh sardines. There was Garri Rostit, a heavy serving of roast pork and pork belly. I had the Gamba a la brasa with seven huge shrimp simply grilled in olive oil. In between each course there was a little surprise such as the watermelon cubes minus the water and infused with Sangría. There was Vodka, Campari, white wine and Port. There was cherry soup, potato puffs beribboned with Iberian ham. And for dessert there was Pijama explained to be what you might find in the refrigerator on a Sunday night, an assortment of the best from the kitchen. However, my dessert was the most unique: bread, chocolate, olive oil and salt; so delicious I can taste it now.

The rumor is that Chef Nandu Jubany has just received a Michelin star for his other restaurant and will rename this one with just his name. He is a genius and I will be sure to follow his success, hopefully by eating there again.

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