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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

MAZE at the London

Birthday lunch today at MAZE at 151 W54th Street in NYC of Gordon Ramsay fame. What a great experience. I had read the luncheon menu on the website; well everything had changed. The prix fixe lunch is now $29 with their choice of starter, one choice of two entrée and their choice of dessert.

Very hotel lobby type room [which it is actually in the London Hotel] which reminds me a lot of db bistro in Miami, also in a lobby. Soft turquoise colors with a lot of naturals, no cloth on tables, nice bar and large open room. Waitstaff very professional but cordial. My waiter, Chris, was Filipino and we chatted a little in Tagalog.

The bread is addictive [coming from a nearby bakery and not done in house]. Bottled water from France [Saint Geron $10]. Gazpacho was the starter and served in two parts; a quenelle of vegs and tiny bread cubes with chili oil in bowl and then the gazpacho itself in a small pitcher. Nice presentation. The choices for entrées were Amish Chicken Breast or Crispy Salmon. I chose the salmon cooked perfectly and served a mound on most wild rice and nested on shaved asparagus [a first for me]. Also ordered a side of Broccoli Rabe [$7] which needed a hint of salt. When I asked Chris for this to be done, he took it from the table and it appeared back just right. Hoping for a screaming visit from the Hell's Kitchen Chef from Hell to tell me not to mess with his seasonings but he never appeared. So I ordered a glass of Sauvignon Blanc [$15] to accompany the salmon to ward off any other evil spirits. 

The dessert was Vanilla Custard over a layer of preserve which I could not identify and then festooned with macerated fruit bits and a dollop of crème fraîche. This was accompanied by chocolate truffles [4 of them] so they got put into a little presentation bag with the Gordon Ramsay logo. I told the waiter that this was to be taken home for my birthday.

A pot of coffee [$8] with warmed milk and real sugar cubes for after dinner. I was then presented with a birthday surprise of a ball of raspberry sorbet with a candle in it on a plate painted with Happy Birthday in chocolate syrup.

blognote: Tried one of the chocolate truffles last night and they are filled with salted caramel WOW!

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