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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Dinner this evening with a friend; successful in some parts not so in others. Let me explain. Apps should come before anything else and then Salads should follow. This was not the case and the table was too loaded with food all at the same time. Service needed to be a little more careful in the removal of finished dishes.

Papaya Salad

We started with an order of Basil Shrimp Roll [$5] good but nothing unusual. Then onto Crispy Calamari [$7] which was fresh and excellent with a great dipping sauce. Salads were Papaya [[$8] mine and super delicious with skewered shrimp and the Mango Salad [$6] which was really a salad with mango on top. One entrée of 'Amazing' Roast Duck [$19] which was actually amazing and my order of Singapore Mei Fun [$10]. I really like mei fun but this was some other very thin noodle. The red curry was quite strong and with the few shrimp thrown in for good measure, it was not that good. Ended the meal with a pot of House Special Green Tea [$5.50 for two].

Manto Salad

Had lunch today at Tamarind in Wethersfield. Lunch special [$8.95] is a good value with choice of appetizer [chicken satay, vegetable spring roll or shrimp satay], entrée and choice of rice [brown, white or vegetable fried rice]. We shared the shumai and spring rolls both good and fresh in a miniature version. One order of Mango Chicken which was excellent. My order of Lemongrass Prawn was tasty but the lemongrass was not prepared properly in that the woody, fibrous stalk pieces were not edible. Decor is great and the service is good but a bit hurried.

bloginfo: Lots of diners here today at lunch in this newly opened restaurant specializing in Malayasian and Thai food.

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