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Monday, February 03, 2014

Sabroso on Main

Why aren't there any pictures of the Everything Super Bowl Platter??? Because everyone attacked it as I walked in the door! Everything and Sabroso meant everything and thinking it might not be enough, I ordered an extra 6 green wings. Yes, green wings from the planet of goodness and flavor. There was also Chaufa [fried rice] which I really like their version of along with Tostones and Yuca Frita, another two of my favorites, nestled in a bed of lettuce and carrots and the best bleu cheese dip ever. There was even a half of a Roasted Chicken. Thank goodness [LOL] my hostess also made a bunch of her famous Meat Balls and sauce with Italian bread for dipping. What a meal and what a game!

July 5, 2013
Dinner tonight at Sabroso in Middletown with the Friday night crew. No, there are not too many new restaurants on Main Street, the more the better for me. This is a local storefront type place serving real delicious Peruvian food.

We started with an order of Papa a la Huancaina [$4.99] and liked this version of the famous Peruvian appetizer. The remains of the sauce got used in our entrées. One order of Arroz Chaufa, the great fried rice dish, [$8.99] was plentiful and tasty. My entrée, Lomo Saltado [$9.99], was also a hit with the other person at the table. We substituted Yucca Fries for French Fries and they were best I have eaten in the area. This dish of sautéed steak also comes with delicious rice. Everything was fresh and well prepared.

Papa a la Huancaina

Lomo Saltado

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