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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Milagros Spanish Restaurant

Went back to Milagros yesterday and had another great lunch. One order of Pollo Guisado with Arroz Blanco, Habichuelas and Maduros and my Costillas. These ribs were great, tender and meaty. I had the Arroz con Gandules [and side order of habichuelas] with Maduros. These maduros kick it when compared to most other restaurants in the Hartford area.

March 14, 2012

I went to Puerto Rico for lunch today! Well actually I went to Wethersfield but who could tell the difference in this little place. Ate here at Milagros and had a fine lunch. Before even glancing at the extensive menu I ordered from the trays of appetizing food. Had a Chicken Fricasée with Arroz con Gandules [and a side order of habichuelas] and Yucca al Mojo. All this for $8 and $1 for a can of Kola Champagne. Everything was delicious and tasted homemade. Will go back, especially to try out the Mofongo, my favorite.

Here again today to try the mofongo and had it with pernil. Side of tostones and the other lunch was the chicken guisado with maduros and arroz con gandules. Still the delicious place to go for lunch.

bloginfo: The restaurant is in a strip mall just southeast of Wells Road. Parking could get a bit tight.

blognote: The website has a 10% coupon on it. Also, the menu is very well translated so everyone that doesn’t speak Spanish will know what to order.

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