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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ann & Tony's Restaurant

Had a group lunch today at Ann & Tony's with about 40 people on way to the New York Botanical Gardens to view the Orchid Show. While the luncheon was slightly successful there were a few low points. Bread baskets were good, water needed to be begged for. Salad was family style and dressed  lightly in the kitchen. Veal Parm, Eggplant Parm and Chicken Marsala were the three available pre-ordered entrées. I had the Veal Parm and found it okay with an interesting chopped tomato sauce. This was followed Ziti in sauce and garlicky greens. Dessert was an embarrassing shaved slice of vanilla ice cream. You get what you pay for! The entrées going out to the public looked good and an entrée of spinach gnocchi sounded great. This might be a great neighborhood place but just didn't make it for us.

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