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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Michael Jordan's Steakhouse

Anniversary dinner [not mine] last night at Michael Jordan's Steakhouse at Mohegan Sun Casino. Good meal but someone needs to rewrite the menu. Thanks to our server, Robert, we were able to make some good choices.

The three of us had an excellent table which was in a semi-private setting with a window on the 'gambler's walking by' world. Lighting was nice, service was good but the music sort of sucked. We got around the music with a nightful of great conversation.
Garlic Bread
Started with Garlic Bread [$9] but this was not just garlic bread. It was a logjam pile of garlicky toasted  ciabatta sitting in a pool of melted Maytag blue cheese and topped with more crumbles of cheese. The server called it a fondue which it really was not. Anyway it was delicious and dipping the bread into the cheese was a wonderful experience but eating it was even better. Another app was the Crab Cake [$19] and this was not a crab cake either. This was a huge disc of lump crab sitting in a pool of spicy remoulade with microgreens atop. This too was fantastic; mislabeled but delicious.
Crab Cake
Two Roasted Beet Salads [$9] were as advertised beet salads. They were very nicely put together and tasty with cubed dark red beets on the bottom topped with a pink beet 'sandwich' of goat cheese along with assorted greens, smoked almonds and a truffle-honey vinaigrette.

Roasted Beet Salad
We all ordered steaks [it is a steak house!] and performed the 'cirque du soleil' flying steak trick. Two orders of Delmonico Steak [$39 each], one medium and one medium well. These had a balsamic-ginger jus.  I ordered the 12 oz New York Strip [$39] medium rare. This had the MJ Rub and a Worcestershire glaze. The server recited their version of cooking degrees so as to assure the correct redness of the meat. My NY Strip was okay; perfectly cut and an excellent grade of beef, just didn't excite me. One of the diners of the Delmonico steak was not enthused by the saucing SO unbeknownst to anyone else the two steaks flew across the table and landed on opposite plates. Both diners were now very happy. Mine would have been even better medium rare but the medium was fine. The glass of Macmurray Pinot Noir [$13] certainly helped the meal along.
New York Strip
We ordered two side dishes: Lobster Mashed Potatoes [$12] and Mushrooms and Onions [$10]. The potatoes were a little dry with a lot of lobster meat and taste. The mushrooms and onions were mushrooms and onions!
Brownie Cheesecake
For dessert [yes, we had room (not!)] the special of the evening was a Brownie Cheesecake [$8] and who could resist that, not me! It was creamy with big chunks of brownie in the center and absolutely delicious. Two Cappuccinos [$5 each] ended the meal.

blognote: If I return to this steak house I will order the steaks bare naked.

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