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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale

Dinner tonight at Lenny and Joe's in Madison. What a night, what a crowd! Lined up with all the others and put our orders in. One Soft Shell Crab, one Lobster Salad and my Scallop Dinner [$15.50]. It came with good crinkle fries and excellent coleslaw. Had an unsweetened iced tea [$1.99]. A real nice meal with good friends on a beautiful summer evening; what could be better than that.

blognote: I really prefer this location to the other which is all table service. The picnic tables and the carousel make it a real fun family stop.

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Amiable Amiable said...

My friends love the Westbrook location, so we always end up there. I've never been to the Madison spot, but really should visit. If you're ever looking for a good hot lobster roll, check out Bill's Seafood "by the singing bridge" further along Route 1 toward Saybrook. There's a nice deck w/picnic benches and umbrellas on a little river to the Sound. Boaters pull up for lunch. Fun spot, and my husband and I met there! (Not something most people would be proud to admit - but I'm not most people, as you know!)