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Thursday, June 23, 2011


update: CAL Review to be fair as I did not review it kindly!

June 16, 2011
Ate at anoho  in Middletown on Main Street for lunch today. I had been waiting to eat here since I first saw the signage. It was not, however, a memorable lunch. All in all the place is beautiful, the food is fresh and the menu is rather varied but it just didn't make it. I  had the Scallion Pancake [$3.50] and the Fried Chow Fun noodles [$7.50] with vegetables and the Tokyo Style Soba sauce. They were fine but nothing special.
Scallion Pancake
bloginfo: The website is very nicely done with the menu and pictures of some of the dishes.
blognote: When you enter the restaurant go to the right and sit in the yellow colored area. If you end up sitting in the main room, face the window not the rear of the restaurant. The view from here is the untidy service station. With all the beautiful artwork and paneling they should put a folding screen to hide this mess! 

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