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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Joey Garlic's Pizzeria

Went back for another try at the great menu but had a disastrous time. Mistakenly ordered the SICILIAN ORANGE SALAD [$9.49] 'The Siggies love to use the island oranges in their salads. Mixed greens, sweet orange slices, kalamata olives, red peppers, onions, capers and gorgonzola tossed in EVOO and balsamic vinegar and served on a fresh baked warm flatbread.' Thought it was just a salad to go with the great Javy's Favorite Pizza we had last time. Turned out that it was just a HUGE pile of mediocre greens with some accoutrements mentioned above. The flatbread was a pizza shell underneath the size of a manhole cover; the greens were left at the table and took the flatbread pieces home to be salvaged. Should have figured this out when the House Salad came and the other entrée salads were held to be delivered with the pizza. Both the waitress and the manager tried to explain the whole 'this is the way it's done' deal but who knew?

June 11, 2011
Had an amazingly excellent lunch at Joey Garlic's today. Had eaten in the original in Farmington  years ago and had forgotten the size of the offerings.

We each had a House Salad [$4.99], one with Pepper Parmesan and the other with Gorgonzola dressings. For a starter we chose the Fried Ribs [$8.99] which were not excessively fried but covered in a sweet/sour glaze purported to be from someone's Vietnamese grandmother. They were delicious. Then we shared a 'small' pizza which was pretty big. Our choice from a long list was Javy's Favorite [$13.99] which is now my favorite also. It had pesto, sausage, hand-crushed tomatoes and mozzarella. The toppings were great and the tomatoes made the dish.

bloginfo: Joey's is located where Pizza Uno and many other restaurants have lived and died. Hope this one stays. I will return.
blognote: The Asian Calamari Salad [$9.99] looked super. The large pizza are gigantic.

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