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Friday, March 18, 2011

Tokyo Sushi [CT]

With a coupon from the Hartford Courant this morning for a free sushi roll, I had lunch today at Tokyo Sushi with a dear friend. 

Aside from the California Roll [value $4.25] we ordered the lunch specials: Maki Special [$8.95] and my Lunch Bento Box [$7.95]. These both came with salad [great dressing] and miso soup.

The maki chosen were tuna and salmon. The bento box had rice, shumai [3] and my choice of Tonkatsu [fried pork cutlet with tonkatsu dipping sauce].

All in all the meal was good and the atmosphere was very authentic. The sushi were not that interesting however and when the nori doesn't even wrap all the way around, you know that they are scrimping on the details. The picture shows the leftovers which went to the other house.

bloginfo: parking can be a little difficult at some times
blognote: the iced green tea was delicious but I spilled it all over the counter [but they didn't charge me for it!]

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Amiable Amiable said...

Dear friend, maybe we should refer to this lunch as Sayonara Sushi? Just trying to laugh a little, though the move will make me sad. I won't have anyone half as fun to have lunch with! Alas, we can't cry over spilt ... tea. xo