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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hometown Grille [CT]

Just as its name implies, this is a hometown eatery where you can get some good food. Regulars drop in and are waited on and cooked for by some very nice people. No big box franchise here.

I ordered a whiteboard special: Spinach Mushroom Omelette [$4.95]. This came with home fries and toast. Nothing better than rye toast with butter and unlimited fresh ground Omar coffee [$1.55]. For some reason this was the highlight of my breakfast. The omelette would have been much better is the cook had used some seasoning on the spinach and/or the mushrooms. The home fries also needed something. This would have been great for someone on a salt-free diet. 

bloginfo: Hometown Grille is located 869 Mill Street in the Route 72 Plaza in Berlin
blognote: Next time I will order eggs and toast; these looked great as they were served

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