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Friday, April 16, 2010

Lake View Restaurant

Belated, belated birthday lunch here today in Coventry, CT. Had been in this restaurant [before renovation] a very long time ago. Derailed wedding reception; help me forget!

Started with a large and common salad with the usual iceberg lettuce [some field greens sprinkled in], canned black olives, grape tomatoes and cucumber with a decent house dressing of oil, vinegar and 'spices'.
Came with decent rolls.

Three entrées; Baked Lasagna [$12.99], Chicken Teriyaki [$14.99] and Mashed Potatoes with skins and my Eggplant Parmesan [$12.99]. The servings were HUGE. My eggplant was an excellent version of the dish with a tasty, chunky sauce and crispy eggplant over a ton of spaghettini.

bloginfo: website with menus
outside deck looks great with a view of the lake, too bad the weather was chilly
blognote: Good service, Tom was our server.

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