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Saturday, April 17, 2010

ION Restaurant

Busy, busy, busy today at It's Only Natural Restaurant in Middletown. Needed a late lunch so was wandering around Main Street; everything I saw was closed [or closed until dinnertime].

Remembered ION was hidden away in the back near the parking lot, so tried that. The place was quite full for this time of day so I found a table in the back room [too rainy to eat on the deck].

Had a lunch special of Coconut Curry [$15] which was chock full of vegetables [onions, yellow peppers, zucchini, carrots and jalapeño] with tomato, chopped cashews and fried tofu wedges [croutons?] over brown rice. The curry was described as spicy but had just a little heat; tasty and filling. Finished up with a Chai [$3.50 (dairy)].

bloginfo: best to enter from the back where the deck is
blognote: need to bus the tables more quickly as they sat cluttered and people couldn't find anywhere to sit in the 'sit anywhere you want' mode. Perhaps it was the change from lunch staff to dinner staff?

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