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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Real Art Ways held their annual fundraiser, the Odd Ball, on Saturday night. What a blast!

I will give props to the fantastic apps and finger food.

The highlights were:
Antipasto Sticks, Salmon Lollipops, Sangria Shooters, Sushi and more Sushi with great sauces, Sausage Sliders, Guacamole Cones/Mashed Potato Cones with toppings and Mac/Cheese Bites. My favorite was the Chinese Noodle booth where they created several noodle dishes in little white 'take away' boxes [chopsticks and all].

bloginfo: had my picture taken in the lasch/photo studio [in the cinema] and HERE IT IS!!! Look at all the pictures. Go to Gallery and click on my picture The Odd Ball.
blognote: I think I was the oldest person present; will check with Will Wilkens [NOT!]

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