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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Brio Tuscan Grill

Started out at Wildfire but ended up next door here at Brio. Glad that happened as it was a great meal.

Went through two bottles of Montepulciano, Cataldi Madonna (Abruzzo, Italy) [$78].

Had the Bruschetta4 Appetizer [$14.50] with eight servings of four remarkable varieties of bruschetta. The spinach/pancetta was my favorite.

Gorgonzola was the hit of the night with my Gorgonzola Encrusted Strip Steak [$15.95] and a Gorgonzola Encrusted Lamb [$26.95] for the other. Third entrée as a Carbonara [$15.95]. All were very good. My Grilled Asparagus was nice but the something-or-other cheese Mashed Potato was not a winner.

Desserts were all Minis, all 8 choices [$2.45] and what a great idea. No guilt dessert. Our choices were a Vanilla Brulée, my Caramel Brulée with chocolate shavings and a Peach Melba.

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