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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bobby's Burger Palace

Ate here again today. Three of us! a Philadelphia with griddled onions, provolone cheese and hot peppers, a Topless 4 Cheese [December Special] and my NapaValley which had fresh goat cheese, watercress and Meyer Lemon honey mustard. All of the above rated excellent [still $7.50]. Also got sides of Sweet Potato Fries and Onion Rings. I would skip both next time [or just get the regular fries] and concentrate on the fab burgers.
The place was packed and the ordering line was very long. But we survived [after a long wait for our orders] and it was worth it.

Bobby's Burger Palace at Mohegan Sun Casino serves some good burgers and fries. Vanna White had been good to me with her Wheel of Fortune slot machine and 'bought' me lunch [and a bunch of other money too!].

On a recommendation from a neighbor I tried the L.A. Burger [$7.50]: Avocado Relish/Watercress/Cheddar Cheese/Tomato over a certified Angus beef burger on a store made sesame roll. The Fries [$2.50] served with BBP Fry Sauce [chipotle mayo?] were about the best fries I have had. This was washed down with an Iced Tea [$2.50].

You order at the front counter, get a number and find a place at a table or the long undulating counter. They cook everything to order so it takes a bit but it is well worth the wait!

bloginfo: check out the menu here on their website.
blognote: they also serve a topless burger [any variety on the menu] on a bed of greens [diet??]

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