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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Pho 88

Ended up at Pho 88 on Park Street today for my Wednesday lunch tour. I had the names of one Thai and two Vietnamese restaurants on my list. I couldn't find two of them; I think the Thai restaurant moved. The culinary gods were with me; this little place rocks.

I wanted a Vietnamese pancake but couldn't find it on the menu. The waitress pointed it out to me under the appetizer section translated as 'Vietnamese Crepe.' It is number 9 [$8.95] on the front page and says Vietnamese Crepe: a traditional mixture of shrimp, pork, bean sprouts and a delicate sauce folded into a rice powder pancake. It was crispy plateful with the above mentioned pork and shrimp with an array of cucumber and greens the only one of which I could identify was lettuce. There was an accompanying bowl of clear dressing and shredded carrot. That sauce and a couple of squirts of a brown paste spiced it up. I did not use the red chili paste labeled HOT!
After ordering and requesting just water to drink, I noticed the Smoothie list. There was a large variety of smoothies available [they even had Durian but that is another Filipino story!]. I ordered one made of mango but they were out and I substituted avocado. One of the best smoothies I have ever had [$4].

bloginfo: Pho 88 is located at 1999 Park Street, telephone 233.1928
blognote: the waitress I had spoke very good English so you won't have trouble with the menu

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