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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cora Cora

Today's ACC Tour led us to Cora Cora. This is a Peruvian restaurant that I have been hearing about lately. My friends never steer me wrong; this was the right place to go to lunch.

We started out with the roasted corn and green sauce [sorry I don't know the name of it] that is used to spice up the roasted morsels. They make a good combination; salty, mealy and spicy. I added a Cuzqueña, Peruvian beer [$4], and we were off to a good start.

Both the entrées were delicious and of a size large enough to be tomorrow evening's dinner. My companion had the Cau Cau de Mariscos [$13] which is a mixture of seafood prepared in a stew of yellow peppers, diced potatoes, green peas and served with white rice. I also had a mixture of seafood; a Ceviche Mixto [$13.95]. This was a spicy [medio picoso] melange of the 'classical presentation of pieces of fish and seafood [shrimp, calamari, octopus and mussels] marinated with lemon and special Peruvian spice sauce'. All served with corn, boiled potato and sweet potato. Excellent!

bloginfo: Cora Cora is located at 162 Shield Street in West Hartford [just off New Britain Avenue], Telephone [free delivery] 860.953.2672
Their website is under construction.
blognote: I met two Peruvian friends there that I had not seen for a year or so. She approved of my order of Ceviche Mixto and said it was her favorite dish.

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