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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

J Restaurant|Bar

J Restaurant|Bar is a great place for lunch; can't wait to try it for dinner. Ate here today on the 5th week of my 8 week lunch tour.

Saw the descriptions of the Salmon BLT and the Filet Panino on their excellent website. I opted for the BLT and what a good choice that was. Their wording was: SALMON BLT Grilled Atlantic salmon, bacon, roasted tomatoes and mixed greens served with an herb aioli on toast [$14 ]. My wording was: YES; just go order one! The salmon was perfectly grilled and and the aioli was a treat [it was served on a nice roll not toast]. It came with good fries.

bloginfo: They have a nice wine special on certain nights and they are open after matinée for Theater Works and Hartford Stage on Sundays and have a theater offer, too.
blognote: The restaurant is in the space where Pizza Plus was located.

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