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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Iguanas Ranas [repeat visits]

Since today is cinco de mayo, I just had to visit the only authentic Mexican eatery around. There were banners and balloons at La Boca on Main Street but this is where it’s at! 

Had a Gordita [$3.00]: a thick tortilla fried on the grill and filled with lettuce, onion, cheese and carnita [shredded pork]. It looked little but was very filling with some salsa verde dripped inside to give it that great bite. They are doing lots of business but everything is still made to order and very fresh [and the prices are good, too].

11/13/08        TORTA ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just had lunch here at Iguanas Ranas and it was great! Had a torta, sort of a gigantic sandwich [$6]. There were two of us; one had the Pollo Asado [chicken] and I had the Milanesa [beef]. They came on huge rolls with lettuce, tomato, onion, fresh cheese, refried breans and a chipotle mayo. Thought I could never finish it but rose to the occasion. This is the freshest, healthiest, budget lunch around. Meet me there!

So there is a new taquería in Middletown [not a cantina like in the picture (but I stole that from Google images)]. And it's on Main Street but I don't know the number but I will check that info out soon. And it was reviewed in the Advocate and I'm still looking for that. ¿So I am very informative, de verdad?

OKAY - I did my homework and here is the review from the Hartford Advocate.

I had a chicken taco [$2] to go and it was okay. A little dry but I didn't use the salsa verde as it was too hot for me. Lots of chicken and cilantro. The Tortas [$6?] looked fantastic. So I will do a little more research and get back to you.

bloginfo: 574 Main Street, Middletown
blognote: They are very bilingual; no trouble ordering if you don't speak Spanish

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