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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Forbidden City [after a long time]

I have a new favorite!!! Royal Malacca Prawn [$19] is it. Wok-flashed prawn, asparagus and red onion with ginger, Thai basil and chili. Just the best after a Duck Spring Roll [$8] accompanied by a glass of Wakefield Estate Shiraz [$9] and finished off with a pot of Puerh and Chrysanthemum Tea [$3]. Couldn't ask for a better meal, better service or better ambience; this place still rocks.


Haven't blogged Forbidden City since last April. Went there tonight; party of five. Good meal!

We started with the Crispy Baby Calamari served with Hunan chili aioli dipping sauce [$11]. Excellent!

Entrées: Two orders of Seared Duck Confit with scallions over flat noodles [$18] a Special of the night. Very good, seasoned well and had just the right amount of greasiness to the noodles. This was my order and that of someone who spent time in Beijing.
Shao Xing Pork Chop: pan-roasted grass fed natural loin chop with caramelized Shao Xing Meichai and shallot fried rice [$21].
[note] The pork chop was ordered medium but came very, very rare inside. Redone quickly but tasted more like fresh ham than porkchop.
Tangerine Beef: crunchy Ny strip steak with a spicy tangerine glaze [$18]. A favorite, my choice next time.
Triple Delight: sauté shrimp, beef and chicken with seasonal vegetables [$17]. Good and safe choice for the newbie.

Desserts: Two orders of Kalamansi [key lime] tart with mango glaze [$6] and my order of Pomegranate Sorbet [$6] which was outrageously delicious.
Tea: a Jasmine [$2] and a Puerh and Chrysantheum [$3]

Bloginfo: This is the best food of its kind anywhere outside of NYC or Boston; right here on Main Street in Middletown.
blognote: The New Year's Tasting Menu will be served on January 27th and I will be there.

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