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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Trinity Restaurant [another visit]

Ate here again today after Theater Works. We had originally intended to eat at Joey Garlic's new location in Newington on the Berlin Turnpike but decided we wanted a more intimate place after the intense theater presentation.

Each couple split a Greek Salad which was good and not overwhelmingly dressed. Then we ordered to small pizzas to share. I had had the Rucola Prosciutto pizza before and it was very good as was the Shrimp Scampi pizza. This was certainly just the right amount of food for four people. For dessert we all shared one portion of their version of Tiramisu. This was more like an Italian pastry but went well with their strong coffee.

blognote: The place was empty when we arrived but really started to fill up as we were leaving. That is so good as they run such a nice family place.

I think I ate at Timothy's restaurant once years ago. Ate here at same site tonight in its Trinity Restaurant rebirth. What a great place!

Started with an Antipasto with good bready rolls. Then on to two large pizzas: one of Proscuitto Rucola and the other Eggplant. The verdict was out; both were so good they came out as two winners.
Brought our own wine, a Spanish red Luzon, and they corked and provided stemware.

Read Hartford Courant review here.

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blognote: There were four of us and this was after the Hartford Stage production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.'

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