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Thursday, July 10, 2008

EH: Day of Discovery

Attended a 5 hour workshop on Cheese, Wine and Chocolate. This was held at ElderHostel Headquarters in Boston.

Each session had its own presenter; some more successful than others.

CHEESE: David from South End Formaggio gave a very informative talk which included details of cheese production, types of cheese and preparing a cheese platter. We tasted 4 cheeses: Buche Maitre Seguin [Goat's Milk from Poitou, France (***)], Brie de Nangis [Cow's Milk from Isle-de-France, France (0)], Lull's Brook [Cow's Mild from Hartland, Vermont (*)] and Bianco Sardo [Sheep's Milk from Sardinia, Italy (**)].

WINE: This presentation was given by Joyce from Divas Uncorked. This was the least successful presentation. We learned about Wine Varietals, Navigating a Wine List, How to Read a Wine Label, Common Wine Terms. We tasted 5 wines: an Astoria Prosecco [Carpene Malvoti Prosecco de Conegliano (*)], Ku De Ta [Riesling Mosel (too sweet for me)], Divas Uncorked [2005 Chardonnay Mendocino County (0, too metallic)], Rosemount Estate [Shiraz (**)], Delicato [Cabernet Sauvignon (**)].

DINNER: This was not the high point of the evening. The advanced menu had stated Teriyaki Chicken but we had Chicken Kabos, Field Green Salad with Balsamic dressing, very good Carrots and Summer Squash, and a tasty Broccoli Quiche.

CHOCOLATE: This WAS the high point of the event because of its professionalism. Nina was an energetic, enthusiastic and well-informed presenter. Her Power Point presentation and handout were both excellent. We tasted 10 very high quality chocolates. They were Castelain Tradition, Valrhona Chuao [*], Jamieson Robust Dark [one * for texture], Scharffen Berger, Guittard Colombian Varietal Couverture, Balrhona Gran Couva [*], Scharffen Berger Milk Chocolate, Bonnat Surabaya [*], Slitti Lattenero, and my favorite El Rey Icoa White Chocolate [**].

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