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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Baci Grill

After the wedding today, three of us went to Baci Grill to unwind.
We split a Lobster Bisque [$9] as they are still having their Lobster Mania.
Three entrées all the same: Cold Lobster Roll [$14] served with red cabbage slaw and fries.
Three beers: Bass, Sam Adams and a Sam Adams Summer.
This did the trick and we left feeling revived.

Jun18, 2008
Baci Grill was having their Lobster Festival when we arrived tonight so we took advantage of it.

Had the Lobster Tempura [$10] for an appetizer. This consisted of two lobster tempura lollipops with a wasabi sweet/sour dip. Very good.

The other lobster entrée was the Lazy Man Lobster [$29] which turned out to be a very different and pleasing preparation. The stuffing looked like a pancake covering the pieces of lobster. Very rich and well seasoned. The vegetable was Haricots Verts.
One other entrée was the Guinness Skirt Steak [$18.50]; I have had this before and it is always a good choice. It was accompanied with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli.

My entrée was Veal Florentine over Capellini [$22]. The veal was excellent and the spinach very fresh. The sauce, however, lacked any special taste even though its creaminess blended well with the veal.

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bloginfo: Baci Grill is located 134 Berlin Road on Route 372 in Cromwell, CT
Telephone 860.613.2224
blognote: Baci is sister restaurant to Tuscany Grill in downtown Middletown

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