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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Plan B

West Coast Burger

Another visit to Plan B this afternoon. I had a West Coast Burger [$11.29] with avocado, kalamata mayo and a fried egg. This and a Green Flash IPA [$5.75] made for a delectable meal. The other two orders were a Cuban burger [$11.49] always a good bet and a Turkey Club [$10.99] with a Narraganset [$3.50]. A good meal for a wintry day!

September 11, 2008

Got taken to Plan B in Glastonbury today for a birthday lunch!!!

Beef Wellington Bites for an app. Very good, I could have eaten about ten of them.

Then I had the Lobster Sliders with fries; three toasted yummies stuffed with 'claw and knuckle' lobster meat, drawn butter and greens. Across the table, my hosts had a Cuban burger of ground pork, bacon, spicy mustard and cheddar and a Low Carb which is a cheeseburger atop iceberg lettuce, red onion [discarded in my direction to add to my lobster], tomato and a side of green fries [green beans]. Allagash White beer for me and host, Pinot Grigio for hostess.

Thanks for the birthday fest out [there was also one at home the other night but don't blog private meals!]

September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to me [well, a birthday celebration if not the exact day]!
This time it's at the new Glastonbury location [120 Hebron Avenue (right behind Sauce)]. What a difference a zipcode makes. This place is gorgeous [in a Glastonburyish sort of way]. Whoever did the light fixtures can visit my new digs any time.

Two apps: Crusted Brie Plate [$9.59] and Beef Wellington Bites [$8.99]

Three entrées: Two Ultimate Cheese-4 cheeses, two on top, two inside with lettuce & tomato and a pickle [$11.59] and my Burger Flight [$13.99] which has three miniburgers: chicken, salmon and hamburg. All burgers with Fries or Salad.

Three bevs: Pinot Grigio, Scottish Ale and Hooker Red Irish Ale for me.

7/11/08 Another trip to Plan B today and it was again a plan b; were going to Barça but it didn't work out.

Had a late lunch and started with a half-order of the Blue Chips [$6.99].
Three entrées: Chili Burger [$9.59]; Italian Job [$9.59] which started out as a chicken burger; and the East Coast Burger [$14.79, mine of course] which had lobster in it. All came with fries and we ordered two flights of beer [#2 @$7.25 each]

Friday, April 25th

Another spring break adventure today but the President [and his motorcade] made us to go plan B at Plan B. Anyway, Plan B is a great hamburger café in West Hartford. So, since we couldn't go up Route 91 to Northampton as previously planned we detoured to West Hartford and ate here. Good choice!

We each opted for a Garden Salad [$2.99] with house Champagne Vinaigrette dressing; they were very good.
Two entreés [mine included] were the Burger Flights [$11.99]: one good beef hamburger, one unadorned salmon burger and one chicken pesto cheese burger. They were all excellent but the chickenburger was the winner. The other entree was the Ultimate Cheese burger [$10.59] which had two cheeses in the hamburger mixture and two different cheeses surrounding the burger. It was declared delicious. They all came with good thin fries.

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