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Friday, January 17, 2014


Very nice lunch here at Bricco in a full Thursday afternoon room. Did get my favorite booth though, by accident however. I was using the $20 gift certificate from my $100 gift card purchase. Glad I had it as it ended up as the tip.

Started with a glass of Josh Chardonnay [$8] and should have opted for the next one up. Shared an app of Fried Calamari [$11] which had been recommended and lived up to the rave review. I like the addition of lemon aioli to the regular serving of marina. She liked one and I loved the other. Don't be so stingy with the delicious focaccia! 

Black Cavatelli w/shrimp & calamari

She ordered the Ravioli of the Day [$18] looked cream sauce and basil[ish] and was well prepared and appreciated. Another Chardonnay and my entrée was the Black Cavatelli [$17] with shrimp and calamari. So well plated and it was delicious. Have a portion to eat tomorrow. Latté and a Café Mocha for dessert.


After a grueling MACBETH adventure at Hartford Stage we adjourned to Bricco in West Hartford. There are no reservations but were shown to a table immediately. There we had a very nice meal. Excellent bread and pumpkin butter and olives on the table. The Sunday Dinner was Wood Oven Baked Classic EGGPLANT PARMESAN Pomodoro sauce, ricotta, fresh mozzarella & torn basil [$18] successfully ordered and eaten by two guests. One other order of Wood Oven Baked LASAGNA kale, ricotta, castelmagno cheese & pumpkin sugo [$18] pronounced excellent and my HOUSEMADE PUMPKIN & MARSCARPONE RAVIOLI brown butter sage, crushed hazelnuts, fig vincatto & brussel leaves [$18] which was superb!!! Two of us had a glass of BARONE RICASOLI, Chianti, Italy [$9] that did well with our entrées. Skipped dessert but will return for the B R I C C O ’ S L E M O N S A M P L E R Lemon tart, Meyer lemon cheesecake, house made lemon curd ice cream [$9].

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