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Thursday, January 30, 2014

PHO 68

When a restaurant has pho in the name and everyone in the restaurant is slurping pho and raving about how delicious it is, you order pho right? Wrong! Here I was at Pho 68 and was ordering bán mì which I have been craving for weeks. 

I started with an order of Cha Glo [Fried Egg Roll $4.50] one of the best yet. Then the Bánh Mì Thit Bo [Vietnamese Grilled Beef Sandwich $3.50 with mayonnaise sauce, mint, scallion, chili peppers]. This was the delicious sandwich I was waiting for and now other sandwiches will always be lacking. So next time the pho, honest [what a great excuse to return]. The restaurant is closed tomorrow for TET but I will be back soon!

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