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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Masala Bar & Restaurant

Prix-fixe lunch at the Masala Restaurant [$12.95] was wonderful.

The appetizer choices were Beef Skewers and Crispy Vegetables. We both opted for the crispy vegetables. This was a mélange of minced veggies [some fried others raw] in a yougart sauce. Very tasty.

The first entrée choice was Subz aur Tofu ki Tarkari which was a vegetable and fried tofu dish in a masala sauce. My choice was the Gustava: fennel/ginger flavored meatballs in a brown gravy and it was super. The meal also included a basket of Chapati bread and a dish of Black Bean Daal. There was also a bowl of rice flavored with fennelgreek.

Dessert was one ball of Gulab-Jamun; the best I have ever had.

Masala calls itself "innovative cuisine" from India. If by innovative owners Vilpesh Patel and Navin Suvarna mean their kitchen somehow manages to extract the most gorgeous flavors from the vast Indian pantry (and, indeed, from the cooking styles of various regions of India) then, yes, Masala would have to qualify as innovative. Chef Melvin Tigga has created a menu that presents an unrelenting volley of flavors, textures and intensities that delight the palate and excite the senses - the culinary equivalent of falling in love. [from Greg Morago's July 12th review in the Hartford Courant]

bloginfo: Masala is at 391 Main Street [corner of Capitol Avenue] where Low Country and long ago Capitol Fish were located.
blognote: the room is gorgeous

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