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Monday, August 13, 2007

Arch Street Tavern [revisited]

What a difference a day makes....
Today's lunch was super and much better than the earlier review.
Stick with the daily specials is my new advice and so I did and I was rewarded:

Started with a cup of soup: Ham/Lentil and it was silky smooth, salty and tasty [$3.95]. All three of us had the Grilled Chicken Italian Sandwich: charcoal grilled juicy chicken breast with capicolla ham, roasted peppers and provolone cheese on a soft roll [$8.95]. Excellent!

After our 'driving tour' of Hartford we stopped at the Mozzicato Bakery on Franklin Avenue for Italian: Almond, Strawberry and Lemon. Great place, great atmosphere.

[earlier review from June 20th]

Four of us went to Arch Street Tavern for lunch todayl Had driven by there so many times but went for the first time today.

The four entrées were: Tuna Melt, Corned Beef on Rye, the Quiche and Salad of the day [Spinach] and a daily special. I, of course, ordered the special which was a Field Greens Salad with Fresh Mozarella and Blackened Shrimp [4 jumbo] and a Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing [$12.95]. This was excellent and the quiche looked good and was a good sized slice also.

For dessert there were two orders of 'a scoop of vanilla ice cream' [wimps] and the Snickers Pie. Well, the last piece of pie went out to someone else. I reordered the Chocolate Royale Cake. This was also excellent [$4.95]

bloginfo: Arch Street Tavern is at 85 Arch Street, Hartford, CT right downtown in the area behind City Hall.
Telephone: 860.246.7610

bloginfo: parking situation looked good; we walked over however
Allison waited our table and did a really nice job
Monday nights they have a Jazz Group for menus and info

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