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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Las Palmas Restaurant

On our quest for tostones we went to Las Palmas for lunch. There were no tostones displayed at the counter which could be a good thing or not.

They offered to make up a bunch for us but said it would take a little time. So we ordered a small batch. While waiting for the tostones to be prepared we sampled an empanada, an empanadilla and an alcapurria [all filled with meat]. The crescent shaped pastry empanadilla was the better than the empanada meat pie. The alcapurria, meat filling encased in ground yautía. All were, of course, deep fried.

The tostones arrived with two cruets, one of oil and one of garlic infused oil. These were not the best tostones ever but they were fresh, hot and truly Puerto Rican. And all this with a diet Coke came to $7.50!

bloginfo: 375 Wethersfield Avenue, Hartford, CT and good parking
blognote: next time I will try some of the great looking rice and get a bacalaito

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