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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Spaetzle is seasonal?

Went to Tanglewood with the BDs and heard a great all Mozart concert. James Galway was soloist in Concerto in C for Flute and Harp. Program opened with Overture to the Impresario and after intermission the Prague Symphony, No. 38. The weather was not cooperating but we had seats in the shed so made out fine. It cooled off after intermission and then started to rain during the last movement of the last symphony.

Stopped for dinner at the Student Prince in Springfield, Massachusetts on the way home. Had heard a lot about the restaurant but had never eaten there. JD had Wiener Schnitzel, Mashed Potatoes and Sauerkraut, BD had the Lamb Shanks, Salad with Roguefort Dressing [prepared tableside] and Red Cabbage. I had Sauerbraten, Dumpling and Buttered Noodles. I really wanted Spaetzle but the waitress said it was seasonal and come back in the Fall.

JD didn't have dessert [such control!] but BD had the Fresh Peach Shortcake [with ice cream] and I had the Chocolate Crepe a la Mode.

The winners were probably the Lamb Shanks, Roguefort Dressing, the Sauerbraten sauce and the Peach Shortcake.

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