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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

a nice day in newport...

Spent the day in Newport [RI] with the BLDs. Nice weather, nice time.

Started the day with lunch at The Sea Fare's American Café at Brick Market Place. We had the Clams Casino [6] for appetizer and they were quite different from the usual fare. They were stuffed with a Ritz cracker stuffing over the bacon and clam. Very tasty!

BD had the Pan Fried Clams [supposedly over Focaccio] served over Mashed Potatoes and swimming in a Seafood Sauce with Onions and Chorice. They found an order of toasted Portuguese Bread to accompany it [and sop up the sauce]. JD and I each had the Seafood Casserole which held a large portion of Scallops, a Jumbo Shrimp and Lobster covered with the same Ritz cracker stuffing. Very rich with a touch of Sherry. Each entreé was plated with Mashed Potatoes [delicious] and Summer Vegetables.

We window shopped at the Brick Market Place and I bought some cards at
where they have a great selection not only of cards but unique Orientalia. We then took the prerequisite drive around to see the start of the CliffWalk and then around Ocean Avenue to peek at mansions, see the water and then back to town to find some dessert.

We found the Newport Creamery and did we enjoy! JD had a Hot Fudge Sundae with Batter Up [a peanut butter concoction] and Chocolate Fantasy [with cherries] ice cream. BD had just an Ice Cream Cone: Cookies 'n Cream ice cream rolled in chocolate sauce, chocolate flakes and nuts. I had a simple [!] Coffee Awful Awful [like a Friendly's Fribble] with Oreo cookie crumbles mixed in.

We then window shopped some more and ended up at Katrina's for Muffins and Scones to take home. We ended the evening at their house watching 'My Left Foot' with Daniel Day Lewis.

The winner was a nice day in Newport!

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