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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cody @Wooster Street Pizza

Tonight the three guys [three generations] went out to eat. Mofongoman, younger son and grandson [CF] went to Wooster Street Pizza just down the street in Cromwell.

I had the Pastitsio special, layers of macaraoni, chopped beef and bechamel and a touch of tomato sauce. And it was good. KF had the Pasta Combo [lasagne, ravioli and cannolini] and Salad with Blue Cheeese dressing. Great bread on the table and we even got a second basket.

Little CF had the Kid's Special of Meatball and Linguine with Sauce on the side. He ate my salad [no dressing] as that is still a no-no for me. He had a great time with it turning the Romaine ribs into 'celery'.

There was a lot of food to take home for lunches.

The winner was the Pastitsio and the company.

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