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Thursday, August 18, 2005

fly down to guadalajara...

Actually we visited the New England Air Museum [] at Bradley Airport in Windsor Locks. Very interesting and informative.

Then we drove to 9 Bank Street in Granby to eat at the Guadalajara Grill. BD and JD each had a Margarita. There were the prerequisite chips and salsa on the table. Nice place, well decorated, loud music, owner's child running around [just like a real Mexican family restaurant].

JD had an Enchilada in Mole. The Mole was described as 'a sweet yet spicy peanut butter based sauce with a hint of chocolate' and tasted not quite like the mole I was used to. BD had the Chicken Fajitas and I opted for the Carne Azada. The carne was a very tasty charred butterflied skirt steak. The Mexican Rice had a distinct citrus flavor; very fresh.

The winner was the Carne Azada.

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