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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Marunong Tagalog [pero kaunti lamang, eh!]...

Visited Kainan, a taste of authentic Phillipine cooking, at 1030 Silas Deane Highway in Wethersfield for lunch today. They had just opened last week and I wanted to sample some more Filipino food [as I lived there for two years - 1970 to 72].

I tried the Lumpia [their version of egg rolls] and found them to be a cross between the 'usual' lumpia and Shanghai style. The pork filling was quite dense. This was an appetizer portion and was served with Banana Ketchup [with a bit of a kick].

The other dish I ordered was Pancit Molo. I am used to lots of pancits but the menu only had this one in the soup version and the others were all with Bijon [cellophane] noodles. I prefer the Canton style noodles and I guess those are on the dinner menu. The Pancit Molo was a large bowl of chicken broth with scallions and three huge 'wontons' filled with shredded chicken. The whole serving was quite bland until I asked for the condiment tray of shoyu, vinegar and patis. Pastis is the fish sauce that is the staple condiment of Filipino cooking. The shoyu and the patis jazzed up the bowl of hot soup. This was served with a large whole wheat roll [new to me].

The restaurant is decorated very tropically with all of the furniture imported from the Philippines. The menu is very representative of all of the regions of the country so I was not familiar with all the offerings of the Filipino_cuisine. After they get a little more settled I think [and hope] they will do fine.

The winner was the Banana Ketchup [but there were no losers].

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