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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Trash Ribs, if available...

Ate at Big Bubba's BBQ at Mohegan Sun Casino today [no I didn't win much money!]

Started with a Spinach Salad made from baby spinach leaves, red onion slices, bleu cheese and candied pecans. The dressing was like a lite Ranch. A great salad for $6.95

Had a Big Bubba's Brew draft beer which was pilsner-like and a little raw. [$5]

The main dish of this lunch was an appetizer portion of Trash Ribs which were the ends of great masses of ribs meant for platters too big to eat. [$6.95] This portion was quite the handful [mouthful] dripping with great barbecue sauce with just the right amount of heat for me. There was also a scoop of very good coleslaw included.

For others the sauce might be too calm but there was an array of hot and sweet additions on the table. You can tell when a place is serious about their barbecue when they have that great selection of sauces and hand towels instead of napkins.

The winners: the Trash Ribs and the Spinach Salad and definitely the PRICE of the meal.

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