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Thursday, May 26, 2005

after the concert....

After the Rush Hour Classics concert at the Belding Theater in Hartford tonight, we went to the Mozicatto Caffé on Franklin Avenue. This caffé is a legend and I have tried to visit there with the D's [JD & BD] before but to no avail. Tonight it was open [even though we had to travel through a DUI and seatbelt stop].

We all had Cappuccinos and desserts: Straciattella gelato, Carrot Cake and a Napoleon [thought he was French?].

The winner was the Cappuccino!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mofongo,
I'm headed for TheaterWorks and need someplace to eat in Hartford with lite fare before the show begins. Is this restaurant the right venue & have you any other choices?


mofongoman said...

Mozzicatos is okay for dessert and a slice of pizza. I would try Pastis [at the bar], Agave Grill or Trumbull Kitchen all within walking distance and good for lite fare. Also, but haven't tried it yeat, Bin228 right across the street from TheaterWorks. They are getting rave reviews; a wine bar with great paninis.

Anonymous said...

thanx Mo!