an egg is an egg...meditating at the Museo Miró in Barcelona

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Went to Sorella after the 'Cloud Nine' matinée production at Hartford Stage this afternoon. There was a 20% discount with a ticket. So here we were within walking distance and reservations.

I had a Ca' Montini Pinot Grigio [$10] and we shared the prosciutto di parma with butternut squash caponata, arugula, grana padana [$14]. Delicious.

The two entrées that we had had before were still our favorites: the rigatoni vitello  with chianti braised veal, veal glace, arrabiata, spinach [$22] and my rigatoni saltimbocca with ground veal, prosciutto di parma, sage, veal glace [$21]. Lots left over to take home. Both are still good and still our favorites.

For dessert we shared the Olive Oil Cake [$7] with a chocolate hazelnut smear. This was a truly great way to end the meal.

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