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Saturday, August 12, 2017


Wanted someplace close to home to grab a good lunch and Ramen-Ya came to mind. I called up a neighbor and enticed her to come along. A good decision that was!

Started with an order of Nikuman pork buns [$6.95] which turned out to be a duo of happiness. The dough was tender and fresh and the filling was amazing.

Then on to a bowl of Tantan Ramen [$12.95] which had a kick to it [look at that chili paste] that made me fall in love with yet another bowl of my favorite noodle. This item is not on the menu but is usually available for lunch or dinner.

Finished with a shared plate of Mochi ice cream [$4] one green tea and the other azuki [sweet bean paste] which was especially soothing after my ramen.

March 31, 2017

Back tonight after a quick last minute invite. Friends had read my review and it an offer I couldn't refuse. So went and had the Ramen Sampler.

February 24, 2017
Ramen is one of my many favorites and I found it at Ramen-Ya...close to home and delicious. Heard about this new little place from friends in Berlin and there it was but a little hard to find. Dinner was great with lots to choose from on the menu. Pork Tonkotsu is one of my fav meals so I chose the ramen version. The menu describes it as: 'rich and creamy traditional pork ramen with subtle hints of ginger and a buttery finish' [I agree fully] and comes with sunomono salad and pickle plate [$14.95]. This is not that little dried noodle packet fdrom the dollar store - this is the real thing!

blognote: Restaurant located directly across Farmington Avenue from TD Bank and Dunkin' Donuts. Parking on side of building.

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